Own Your Pretty Now is a weekly show hosted by Katie Schacht, marketing professor and business owner. From postpartum to productivity, Katie is sharing her journey from being a new mom with postpartum depression to a stronger (more productive) business owner in the beauty industry.

Through her pregnancy, postpartum experience, and her mother’s cancer battles, she seeks to share her story about her fight for a more holistic and healthier way of healing herself, her mother, her son, and her mind as she evolved into an entrepreneur.

Each episode will be filled with emotions as Katie gets vulnerable and connects with and grows her community who are also yearning for higher standards in their lives, health, and career.

Katie loves sharing her opinion, so she will often give her advice on all things motherhood, marketing, and beauty, of course. As a marketing maven herself, she enjoys a bit of research, so you may even hear an occasional book review. Katie is always on top of the trends for both her household and her business.

Having a positive mindset is vital in all things. Katie believes it truly helps us all, especially when it comes to having a successful career and/or side hustle, so expect to hear her tips for a healthy mind, energy protection, and focus.

Tune in every week when Katie will share some of her weekly wins that kept her on her toes and will leave you one step ahead of your game.

Stay pretty…