In this episode of the Own Your Pretty Now Podcast we are celebrating my birthday and the road I’ve traveled over the past year. One that was filled with a lot of surprises and the unexpected.
Come along for the ride and listen as I share some pretty monumental moments that I have encountered. How to build a business with heart and confidence and without the compromise is something that really makes my heart smile.
I am pulling back the curtain on this episode and letting you into my life a bit more.
We’re friends now right?
One big moment for me this past year was changing careers. Just when I thought I had mapped out “my plan” this amazing blessing fell into my lap. One that fueled my passion in a whole new way. One that I didn’t know that I absolutley needed at that exact moment in my life.
It is SO crazy when that happens…
However, the Entrepreneur in me did not rest and everything found it’s place. You have to trust yourself and the process and know that if you put in the effort everything will always work out the way it should.
Own it, don’t be afraid and know that you are always capable of more! Don’t be surprised if everything starts falling into place when your thoughts start becoming actions.
Be clear with your vision and don’t forget that everything is figureoutable and will always happen when you are ready for the change. You may not think or feel it at the time but the universe always knows.
This is why you have to trust the process of life. Tune in to listen to some more work/life journies that I have been so lucky to have been a part of over this past year.
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