In this Episode of the Own Your Pretty Now Podcast I am feeling and sharing all kinds of mixed emotions. I’m getting a bit more personal and serious in this discussion.

However, underneath it all there is some excitement. I promise! So please be sure to listen until the very end.

Today I am going to share with you my experience with postpartum depression. What I was able to do for both my son and I so that we could be and feel much happier on a day to day basis.

I will also be going over some of the nursing techniques I used with my son. Everyone’s body is different so please keep in mind this is only what helped me. I’ll also be sharing more about how I had to change my diet throughout this journey.

Being able to hire a lactation consultant, learning how to eat properly (and more often) was the key to elevating my mood besides a few others I mention in the show.

Your body goes through a lot after having a baby. Between the anxiety, depression, sleepless nights and baby cries you may feel like it will never end. It does. And I am here to be the hope that you need. The voice of someone who has already gone through it. This is why I am sharing my story now. So I can be that voice for you or someone else that you may know.

I want to remind you that action wins every time. Please know that I am only a message away if you ever need someone to talk to. Call a family or friend when you are down. Ask for the help that you need and let them help pick you back up.

Taking action is what will allow you to get back where you once were. Feeling good!

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