In this episode of the Own Your Pretty Now Podcast I am welcoming my very first guest. Today you will get to hear from Brooks Dawn Hall.

Brooks shares her story with us about being a corporate paralegal and one day waking up and having to completely change her life.

She left her job with a 401K and insurance, sold her condo, grabbed her dogs and moved to the mountains of Northern California.

Brooks did this because of how she was consistently not feeling like herself. Fighting adrenal fatigue, depression and anxiety was her day to day and she was ready to turn all of that around.

She knew it was time to go and live a happy life so she did and shares her touching and truthful jourrey with us today.

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Please feel free to share this episode with someone who needs this type of content. As this is the reason I am recording these weekly shows. I want to be able to help more women out there take control of their lives and stop the constant comparison.

I cannot wait to connect with you to chat some more on this topic.

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Be sure to let us know how you keep a more postive attitude and mindet. Is it a gratitude journal, working out, meditation? Share it with us!

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