Today in this very special episode of the Own Your Pretty Now podcast I am sharing some pretty BIG news with you. I am sharing all the things, vibes and my feelings with you right now!

This has been something very special and truly unexpected. The craziest part is that I was able to have kept this a secret from almost everyone (minus a select few family members) for awhile now.

Are you ready for the big surpise? Tune in to hear our special announcement we’re so thrilled to be sharing with you today.

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As this is the reason I am recording these weekly shows. I want to be able to help more women out there take control of their lives and stop the constant comparison.

I cannot wait to connect with you to chat some more on this topic.

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2 thoughts on “EPISODE 12: OH BABY!

  1. Thank you for being so transparent! I can absolutely relate to having pregnancy fears and anxiety. I also experienced spotting and bleeding during the first trimester, starting on New Years Day nonetheless! It was terrifying. I immediately went into a panic mindset that we were losing the baby and was inconsolable. After prayerful consideration, my husband and I declined being checked at the hospital and waited two days until I could get in to see my doctor instead. Longest two days ever! Praise God, baby was perfectly fine and it was just a blood clot that was working it’s way out. I bled off and on for the next several weeks and had to take it very easy, but my doctor was so understanding of my fears and allowed me to come in weekly to check on the clot and the baby until the bleeding had passed. The fear of losing the baby lingered a long time after the clot was gone, but God was with me and in time it got easier to trust and relax. I’m so grateful to report that the rest of our pregnancy and the delivery itself were smooth sailing and without complications! I am sitting here snuggling our little blessing now. I pray that God floods your heart with His peace that surpasses all understanding when times of fear arise and that your sweet girl continues to grow and thrive! Keep us posted!

    1. Britt,
      Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful story. It gives me hope to hear of your story, and I’m waiting for the day I’m in your shoes, snuggling this baby girl. Your support means so much, be sure to share this show and episode with someone who might need the encouragement, ok? I’m finding that “paying it forward” in this way always makes me smile. I hope it does the same for you. Continued health and happiness always,

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