In this episode of the Own Your Pretty Now Podcast I am sharing the story of why I began working with MONAT.

After my mother’s second cancer battle I decided that I only wanted to use products that were healthy, paraben and chemical free.

Ingredients that would not hurt us internally or externally and would be safe for our whole family.

I am also breaking down a few myths of direct sales and network marketing. There are no pyramid schemes here my friends. Just an incredible opportunity to work for companies on your own time.

There is an incredible amount of opportunity working with companies like this. Both freedom wise and monetarily.

My biggest piece of advice is to make sure you do your homework and to find the best products and company that you truly believe in and enjoy using daily.

Please feel free to share this episode with someone who needs this type of content. Someone who may be looking to start that side hustle and fill up that mommy time with a new business venture that is filled with passion and productive pockets of time well spent.

Better yet a new full-time endeavor from the convenience and simplicity of your cell phone and at home or on the go.

I cannot wait to connect with you to chat some more on this topic. I am only a DM away!

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