In this episode of the Own Your Pretty Now Podcast I am chatting with my dear friend Sarah Fraser of the Hey Frase Podcast. 

Sarah is a well known media personality currently based out of our Nation’s Capital. Sarah also started in the podcasting game about three years ago. Before it was even a thought for most.

In today’s show she is sharing her story of how her career in radio helped launch her very own successful show.

We also get into motherhood, the joys of coming from great parents and the thoughts we have when it comes time to start our own family.

Sarah also shares with us why her and her partner have decided to wait to have kids. They have been together five years. But wait until you find out how they met! It is a pretty amazing story…

2019 will be the perfect opportunity to start planning something else a little bit near and dear to their hearts.

They may have opposite personalities but they do agree on one thing! A Baby!

We even chat about some of our pros and cons we have surrounding wedding planning which you will definitely have to tune in for more on that!

The two of us actually have quite a bit in common so you’ll hear all that in our conversation.

We both agreed that having a supportive partner is very important. Someone that allows us to follow our dreams and blaze our own trails per say.

Something else we chatted about is mindful living, healthy eating and the importance of having a mindful coach and what that can do to help us live our best life.

We cannot wait to connect with you to chat some more on today’s episode.

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