In this episode of the Own Your Pretty Now Podcast I’m talking all about the topic of Nursing.
I want moms going through the first order of real motherhood to know that feeling the guilt and frustration of nursing is completely normal and ok.
You must be patient and kind to your body first and foremost.
I’d like to say nursing is a bit like starting a business with a new partner.
You’re both about to start a new journey together so patience and maybe a little persistence is really priority.
Know that it is ok to take a break at any time you feel you need one.
Sometimes you may need to bring in a professional like I did with Liam and that is completely ok as well!
Be sure to have a pen and paper for this episode as I’m closing it out with a few tips for you to consider.

I know these may be sensitive topics for some but if you ever need to chat some more on this topic. I am only a DM away!

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