In this episode of the Own Your Pretty Now Podcast I am sharing some important postpartum tools I will have in mind (and with me) as I am on the new journey of our second.

If you haven’t heard, we are welcoming a little girl into our family January 2019. Liam is going to have a little sister!

I wanted to create some actionable items that I would be able to put into place this time around.

I want to eat healthier, give myself the permission to sleep and ask for help when needed.

I want to be able to outsource things like house cleaning so that I don’t feel I must do everything.

I simply want to have more time with our precious little girl as soon as she arrives. And more time with Liam of course!

I want to make sure my appreciation for nutrition and workouts do not go away.

To learn more about my tools be sure to tune in and listen to the full episode.

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If you experienced some postpartum depression with your first baby and had tools that worked for you with your second, please let me know. Shoot me a message today! I would love to hear them.

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