In this episode of The Own Your Pretty Now Podcast I am chatting with my good friend/Nurse Practitioner Alexis Shelley.

We are getting all into her very important role of being a super mom as well as a Lactation Counselor.

Alexis will be sharing her nursing tips with us and giving us very useful information for when it comes to the diagnosis and treatment of having the baby blues versus having clinical postpartum depression.

Some people may show symptoms such as loneliness, sadness or anxiousness four weeks after baby and some six months to even a year later which many people are unaware of.

We also discuss some great remedies to help treat these symptoms such as talk therapy and nutritional support in this episode.

Alexis shares the importance of reaching out to someone whether it be a friend or family member when feeling a bit down. This will surely take some of the pressures off yourself. Especially when sharing your struggles with someone close to you.

We also go into how we can make more mindful choices, choose things that will help normalize our new routines with baby and get into what “kangaroo care” is all about and why it is so important to start right after having the baby.

Are you a new mom and having those days where the struggle is “really” real? Are you looking to chat with someone else who has truly been through it all?

Let’s talk about it…

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As mentioned in the show below are the links for some facilities and programs for you to check out if you are in the Columbus, OH area. If not, maybe give them a call and they can possibly recommend someone closer to you.

Eastwind Women’s Health: https://www.eastwindwomenshealth.com/

Eastwind Women’s Health FB: https://www.facebook.com/EastwindWomensHealth/

La Leche League: https://www.llli.org/

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