Chapter One of the Own Your Pretty Now Podcast has come to an end.

I wanted to do a little recap of the first six months as well as fill you in on some exciting news for the upcoming season.

As you may or may not know baby number two is due to arrive on the 30th of January. So, we are obviously gearing up for that special day! We are counting the days until we get to introduce her to her big brother Liam!

Chapter One was heavily focused on the story of what it was like to go through my postpartum depression as well as many other stories which will continue in this new chapter.

Now as we are moving into a new season of my life, I will be sharing more of what new motherhood is like for me in real time.

I bet you can’t wait for those 3am recordings…

I want to continue to share the realness with you as that is why I started this show in the first place.

I was constantly searching for this content as a new mom so now I want to make sure that I am providing this much needed info for YOU the listener!

In this next chapter you’ll also be hearing (literally) about my toddler and new baby and how it will be like staying at home more, taking care of my family and running my business.

I cannot wait to have you along for the ride. It’s been an honor being able to talk to you over the last half of the year and I cannot wait to continue this podcasting journey and have you along for the ride.

Are you a new mom, mom to be or just love what you’ve heard while listening to an episode?

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Wishing you the happiest of new year’s!

Stay tuned for Chapter Two…


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