Spring is here and with that I have decided to share something different with you in today’s episode.

I am going to guide you through a meditation filled with positive mantras (listed below) that will keep you calm, positive, grateful and focused throughout each day.

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I am all that my children need today

I am all that my business needs today

I am open to new opportunities today

I am available for success and harmony in my world today

My body is healthy and able to do everything before me today

My family is healthy and free of illness

I am patient

I am confident

I am an overcomer

I feel positivity in my body, and I love sharing it with others

I am above negativity

I use my time and resources efficiently

I am grateful for this day

I am thankful for each new breath I take

I love my body

I love my life

Success is pouring into my life

I meet the people and opportunities that are meant for me with a warm welcome

New possibilities are unfolding for me today

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