Today I want to talk to you about entrepreneurship, being a mom and how you CAN have it all!

Ladies…The Founder’s Pool back open with Monat! If you have been wondering what all of my recent excitement and social media posts have been about, THIS IS IT!

What is a Founder you ask? I’m getting into all the details in today’s episode. However, in short YOU will be receiving a percentage of shares of the business. Yes! You are reading this correctly.

You now have the opportunity to make thousands of extra dollars just by talking about washing your hair. I mean, can it be any easier?

If you are a career focused driven woman, a mother or someone looking to jump at an incredible new opportunity, THIS my friend is exactly what you need.

I am here to answer any and all the questions. Direct sales, product line, shares, becoming a Founder, how you can run this successful and profitable business from your phone, all of it!

I know that you know you are capable of more and I am here to support you in that!

If you have been looking for something new to become a part of, this could be it!

How can I help serve you and your future dreams? What questions can I answer for you? What can I tell you about MONAT that you do not know already? Send me a message today on Instagram and Facebook @ownyourprettynow so that I can answer them all for you today.

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