In today’s very special episode we are celebrating! Celebrating the fact that one day I had this idea that I needed to share my postpartum journey and the experiences involved as a podcast for the world to hear.

Share it so I could help other moms out there up in the middle of the night searching for something to put their mind and body at ease. Information that I wish I could have for myself. This content was nowhere to be found so I created this podcast and started sharing what I knew best. Real stories.

In life there are pivots and that is something you will be seeing on this show. We have gone from postpartum depression to my mom’s health journey, beauty and personal development to marketing and business tips, time saving, money and life hacks and even shared several episodes with some very special guests.

And you can expect to see that and more in this next chapter of the show!

I’ll be going back to school soon. Helping pave the way for future marketing leaders and my mindset and teaching experience may play the part in a few different episodes which I am excited to be sharing with you this Fall so stay tuned, share with a friend and I will be back soon with a brand new show!

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