The holidays are officially here and so is the stress, chaos and sometimes overwhelm. Am I right?

However, I want you to be able to give yourself some space for grace and patience throughout this time of the year.

The purpose of today’s show is to raise your vibration for the day with the holiday meditation I have for you which I listed below so you can keep coming back to it when in need!

Let me know what you thought of today’s guided meditation? Were you listening in bed relaxed? Maybe hiding in the only quiet place in the house? The bathroom? Your car?

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My natural vibration is of abundance, health and wealth.
I have more than enough time to do what I need to do.
I have more than enough money to enjoy my life.
I am inspired
I am motivated
I am patient
I am available for ease and light every day
I am unavailable for struggle and stress
My body feels healthy and alive
My family is healthy
My family is safe
I am a light to everyone I interact with
The right people and opportunities come into my life at perfect moments
I am enough for my circumstances
When I meet uncertainty, I rise to the occasion
I redirect stressful feelings to excitement and energy

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